Worldwide, an evident paradigm shift towards biopesticides has generated unprecedented growth of 27% p.a. between 2007 and 2012 and this is likely to continue strongly to 2020.

This historic multiclient study analysed and projected the markets for biochemical and microbial biopesticides, invertebrate biocontrol agents and pheromones. Key developments and trends were described for North America, Europe, Asia & Australasia, Latin America, and Africa & the Middle East. The validated market data were summarised along with growth rates, major players and product tables.

This report illustrated the historical depth of information CPL Business Consultants has in this sector. CPL has worked on numerous single-client projects in protection since the publication of this study. Please contact CPL if you would like an update to this report.

CPL’s studies are based on primary data obtained from those working in the sector combined with information from our database, other studies and the public domain. These combined data are analysed to provide insight and guidance for companies interested in making and selling biopesticides.

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Executive Summary

The worldwide biopesticides market is estimated at ~$2.8b at the user level. This follows unprecedented growth of 27% p.a. between 2007 and 2012. Our review of the market indicated that this growth in sales is a result of various factors including:

  • increased pressure from authorities and consumers for greater sustainability
  • greater user confidence in product performance,
  • new product introductions,
  • improved scientific credibility, and
  • an increasingly vigorous industry with increased interest from agrochemical majors

This has produced an evident paradigm shift towards biopesticides and we expect to see growth in biopesticide sales continue strongly to 2020. The greatest growth is expected in Latin America. The European and North American are estimated at $830m and $762m respectively, and each is anticipated to exceed $1b by 2017.

Globally, products based on ‘natural’ biochemicals dominate the market, taking about one-third of sales revenue. This is also the fastest growing sector, having seen a dramatic increase in the number of products available. Microbial pesticides and invertebrate biocontrol agents are the next largest sectors although this varies by region. In Latin America for example, sales of microbial products constitute 41% of biopesticide sales, more than twice that of biochemicals.

The worldwide microbial pesticides market is currently estimated at $804m at user level having grown at a 10 year CAGR of 12%. Products based on Bacillus thuringiensis have lost market share from a reported 90% in the late 1990s to around 45-50% mainly due to the development of competing microbial pesticides and new highly cost-effective chemicals.

This volume of 98 pages includes 18 tables, 25 figures and information on hundreds of biopesticide agents.

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