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The objective of this study was to assist our client in understanding the market potential for co-products valorised from woodchip squeezings and bark.


This report is relatively brief and focuses on prioritising which of the compounds of interest may be commercially feasible to produce and warrant further investigation.

In order to assess which products are likely to be of most interest to our client, CPL has ranked these using a Non-parametric Analysis Model which can be found on Page 6 of this report.

The ranking has used a number of criteria and scored according to CPL’s research and judgement. The criteria include market size, growth, competition, time to market, cost to market and overall likelihood of commercial success. The criteria have been weighted according to their relative importance.

Table of Contents





Principal Findings

  • Major Wood Extractable Components
  • Markets
  • Preferred Formats


  • Recommendations
  • Prioritisation of Value for Major Compounds
  • Routes to Market and Target Applications
    • Feed Additive
    • Plant Protection and Nutrition Product
    • Health Ingredient Product
  • Potential Returns

Chemicals Found In Wood Extractives

  • Analytical Measurement of X’s Plug Squeezings and Bark
  • Chemical Composition of Wood
  • Purpose and Function of Extractives
  • Polyphenols
  • Flavonoids
  • Stilbenes
  • Lignans
  • Polyphenol Extracts Suppliers
  • CPL’s Views on Polyphenolic Compounds as an Option for the Client
  • Isoprenoids
    • Terpenes
    • CPL’s Views on Isoprenoid Compounds as an Option for the Client
  • Glucomannans and Galactomannans
    • CPL’s Views on Glucomannans and Galactomannans as Purification Option for the Client
  • Xylose or Xylitol
    • Commercial Uses for Xylitol
    • Xylitol Suppliers
    • CPL’s Views of Xylitol as an Option for the Client
  • Sterols and Stanols
    • Commercial Uses of Sterols and Stanols
    • Sterols and Stanols Suppliers
    • CPL’s Views on Sterols as an Option for the Client
  • Fatty Acids
    • Resin Acids
    • Pinolenic Acid
    • Food Applications
  • Fatty Alcohols
    • CPL’s Views on Fatty Acids and Fatty Alcohols as an Option for the Client

Markets and Prices

  • Market for Health Ingredients
    • Heart Health
    • Natural Antioxidants
    • Satiety
    • Cosmetics
  • Market for Feed Additives
  • Market for Crop Protection Products
  • Market for Polyphenols
    • Polyphenol Applications
    • Marketed Sources of Polyphenols
    • Product Prices
  • Xylitol
    • Prices
  • Stanols and Sterols
    • Prices
  • Pinolenic Acid
  • Glucomannans and Galactomannans

26 Tables

23 Figures

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