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The objective of this project was to determine the potential market opportunities for pinolenic acid, with a particular focus on the regulatory, quality, price and purity requirements in appropriate sectors. In addition, it identifies opportunities in the area of pinolenic acid and provides a selection of potential partnersin the most appropriate market sectors or sub sectors.

The report is a ‘snapshot’ of the main characteristics of the industries and markets into which pinolenic acid is, or could potentially, be sold. It identifies potential regulatory hurdles and advises on the likely issues surrounding quality, price and purity requirements as relates to the market sectors identified. The main geographic focus is the EU and the US and the main application focus is in the food, functional food ingredient and dietary supplement area.

The report advises on the likely size and scope of the opportunity and indications as to what the regulatory requirements are likely to be.

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Table of Contents



Principal Findings

  • Background
  • The Weight Management Market
  • The Market For Appetite Suppressants
  • Players, Products and Prices of Pinolenic Acid
  • Players, Products And Prices of Competing Appetite Suppressants
  • Regulatory
  • Intellectual Property
  • Potential Partners


  • The Opportunity
  • The Competition
  • Product Specification
  • Regulatory
  • Intellectual Property
  • Potential Partners



  • Pinolenic acid
  • Obesity
  • Weight Management


  • The Weight Loss and Management Market
  • The Market for Appetite Suppressants
  • The Pine Nut Market

Players, Products, Prices and Users of Pinolenic Acid

  • Manufacturers
  • Fine Chemical companies
  • End-Users in the Dietary Supplement sector
  • End-Users in the Food Ingredient sector

Players, Products, Prices and Users of Competing Appetite Suppressants

  • 10 Manufacturers
  • 6 End-Users and Distributors
  • 3 Others

10 Potential Partners

Intellectual Property


  • Food Regulation Overview
    • GRAS in the US
    • Novel Foods in the EU
  • Dietary Supplement Regulation Overview
    • US
    • EU
  • Pinolenic Acid
    • Hoodia
    • CLA (Clarinol and Tonalin)


  • Pinolenic Acid used in Health & Nutrition Applications
    • Lipid Nutrition Patents
    • Unilever Patents
    • Other
  • Patents relating to Satiety and Weight Management
    • Pacific Health Lab Patents
    • Lipid Technologies Patents
    • Unilever Patents
    • Other

Scientific Research

Case Studies

  • Fabuless/Olibra
    • Overview
    • Background
    • Scientific Research
    • Regulatory
    • Patents
    • Marketing
  • Hoodia
    • Background
    • Scientific research
    • Regulatory
    • Marketing
    • Patents

Contact reports

  • Manufacturers
  • Fine chemical companies
  • 4 End-Users
  • Companies with Competing Products
  • 53 Potential Partners
  • 5 Others

44 items of News


  • Table 1 CAS number, molecular formula and formula weight for pinolenic acid
  • Table 2 Potential partners for developing Pinolenic acid as a Satiety agent
  • Table 3 Comparison of AC’s and Lipid Nutrition’s pinolenic acid products
  • Table 4 Global Total Weight Management Market by Region ($b), 2001-2009
  • Table 5 Slimming product market by Country ($b) 2005
  • Table 6 The US Weight Management Market by category ($b) 2002-2008
  • Table 7 An overview of food and supplement ingredients affecting satiety
  • Table 8 Novel Food and Novel Food Ingredient Act in the EU
  • Table 9 Novel Food and Novel Food Ingredient Act Amendments in the EU
  • Table 10 FDA Notification documents regarding PinnoThin FFA
  • Table 11 USPTO and EPO Patents relating to Pinolenic Acid


  • Figure 1 Chemical structure for pinolenic acid
  • Figure 2 Obesity as per cent of total population in the US 1980-2006
  • Figure 3 Global average spending on diet foods by region (2004-2009)
  • Figure 4 US Weight Management Market by Category 2005

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