In this case study an international ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to develop an acquisition strategy for rare sugars.

Companies and consultants use a variety of strategic approaches for acquisitions. Most of these involve extensive analysis of the target company, its objectives and its strengths. Then, information from extensive surveys matches these criteria to available companies. In our experience, this approach creates work for consultants but rarely produces a result worthy of the effort.

An alternative is to use iterations that combine intuition and minimal analysis until the prospects begin to ‘feel right’. This is important because it is always the individuals in the company that make the acquisition work. If it doesn’t feel right early on, no amount of analysis will make it feel any better later.

Investigation and analysis can separate several good possibilities, and should be part of a diligent acquisition investigation and assimilation plan.

Acquisitions can be a quick way to growth, a way of entering unfamiliar markets or of acquiring additional products.  However, they can be much more destructive than anticipated if done without adequate forethought.

After this report on acquisition strategy selected potential candidates and made recommendations on pursuing them.

Rare Sugars Acquisition Strategy

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Approach
  • Conclusion and Recommendation


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Organic Growth Options for Rare Sugars
  • Additional Products into Existing Rare Sugar Market Sectors
  • Additional Products in Existing Rare Sugar Product Sectors

Summary of Options

  • Analysis from Marketing Perspective
  • Additional Products into Existing Market Sectors
  • Rare Sugar Companies – Potential Acquisitions

Please look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. Eight case studies can also be reviewed.

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