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The objective of this project was to assist the client in determining its plans in respect of developing its anhydrous alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) business, mainly in the cosmetics sector. CPL obtained and analysed information about the market potential for anhydrous AHA as a premium (or substitute) ingredient. CPL was to advise in respect of potential applications and the size and scope of the opportunity. The main geographic focus of this study was North America, although information relating to other markets was included.

The study provides available market data for the current use of anhydrous AHA, primarily in the cosmetics industry. It also gives an estimate of market value and growth.

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Table of Contents


Method and Scope

Principal Findings

  • Background
  • Glycolic Acid Market
  • The Market for Anhydrous Crystalline Glycolic Acid (99%)
  • The Cosmetics Market




  • Glycolic Acid
  • Biodegradable Polymers


  • The Market for Glycolic acid
    • Uses and Applications
  • The Market for Anhydrous Crystalline Glycolic Acid (99%)
    • Cosmetic & Personal Care
    • Chemical Synthesis
    • Electronics

Players, Products and Prices

  • 10 Manufacturers
  • 11 Traders & Processors (US)
  • 3 Traders & Processors (non-US)
  • 4 Formulators
  • 3 End Users in Skin Care and Cosmetics
  • 2 End Users in the Dermatology Industry
  • 2 Manufacturers of Glycolide
  • 5 Manufacturers of bio-degradable Polymers

Overview Of Global Cosmetics Industry

  • Markets And Trends
  • Main Players

Contact Reports

  • Contact Overview
  • 13 Manufacturers
  • 14 Traders & Processors
  • 3 Formulators
  • 4 End Users in Skin Care and Cosmetics
  • 2 End Users in the Dermatology industry
  • 2 Manufacturers of Glycolide
  • 7 Manufacturers of bio-degradable Polymers
  • 11 Others


24 Tables

13 Figures

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