In this case study, a polyol producer engaged CPL Business Consultants to produce a techno-economic analysis to model the production costs of erythritol. CPL was able to provide details on the process and the likely costs, which enabled the client to make an informed investment decision.

The purpose of the study was to estimate the likely cost of manufacturing erythritol at a scale of between 5kt and 15kt per year. The principal factor affecting the cost was the price of the raw material, which was discussed in detail. The study also reviewed the manufacturing processes for erythritol to determine its likely cost of production by various routes and thereby assess the nature of any threat posed by erythritol to markets in which competing products were sold.

CPL obtained detailed information on the production process for erythritol and give some useful insights from those who had direct experience in this market.

Erythritol Production Costs

Background and Introduction

Production Process

Costs Involved in Production

  • Raw Material Costs
  • Glucose Price vs Glucose Value
  • Fermentation
  • Capital Costs


  • Definitions
  • Process Details and Assumptions
  • Erythritol Product Properties

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