In this case study, an international ingredients company engaged CPL to assess the market opportunity for a digestive health ingredients platform. CPL recommended specific opportunities,  as part of its growth strategy, which it subsequently pursued. 


The project firstly examined the attractiveness of the digestive health ingredients market and a digestive health ingredients platform.  We then assessed the market interest in ‘digestive health’. CPL also determined other opportunities, especially in respect of beta-glucan, resistant starch and xylo-ogliosaccharides.


CPL interviewed prospective end-users about the attractiveness of a digestive health platform and what else they might like to see.  We then examined competitor activity both in digestive health and in the marketing approach of ‘platform’ building. CPL also contacted academics actively involved in the digestive health area to gather their views on digestive health products. We then combined these insights with in-house data and publicly available materials on markets, trends, companies and new products. Finally we analysed the information found drawing conclusions and strategic recommendations.

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Digestive Health Ingredients Market

Executive Summary

  • Objective, background and method
  • Principal findings
    • Digestive health market – probiotics, prebiotics and soluble fibres
    • Functional food market trends
    • Digestive health platform concept
    • Beta-glucan, modified starch, XOS and other health ingredients
    • Observations on digestive health at IFT exhibition
    • Food and beverage trends
  • Conclusions on the market and opportunities
  • Strategic recommendations

Digestive Health Ingredients Market

  • Functional Food Market Trends
  • Definition of Prebiotics and Probiotics

Overview of Digestive Health Ingredients Platform Concept

  • Views of functional food ingredient producers, food & beverage manufacturers and academics

Beta-glucan, Resistant Starch and XOS as Health Ingredients

  • Beta-glucan
    • Market and opportunities
    • Patents, Research and News
  • Xylooligosaccharides
  • Resistant starch opportunities
  • Hydrocolloids opportunities
  • Dairy ingredients market opportunities
  • FOS opportunities
  • General food trends including beverages and dairy
  • Observations on digestive health ingredients at IFT exhibition
  • EU digestive health research
  • Recent trade news

Contact Reports

  • Functional food ingredient producers
  • Food & beverage manufacturer end users
  • Academics and others

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