In this case study a beverage manufacturer engaged CPL Business Consultants to advise if a cost reductions could be achieved in production by changing the ingredients used for fermentation and sweetening.  CPL was able to provide the client with an independent view with clear recommendations on how to proceed.

The purpose of this study was to assist the client in effecting cost savings by modifying the purchase or use of carbohydrates in fermentation and in sweetening.

First, CPL reviewed and assessed the company’s operations.  Next, we combined internal knowledge with additional research in sweeteners, including starch-based sweeteners, sucrose-based sweeteners and high intensity sweeteners generate ideas and hypothesis which could form the basis of a strategy.  Finally, based on the conclusions of our investigations CPL made strategic recommendations.

The project was able to assist the client in respect of the following areas of cost savings:

  • Cost saving opportunities in fermentation and post fermentation sweetening
  • Cost implications in the supply of glucose
  • The features that drive, constrain and motivate the producers
  • Methods for optimisation of the use of glucose
  • Cost-effective post-fermentation sweetening with non- nutritive sweeteners

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