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In earlier studies on oat beta-glucan the qualitative conclusion was that a potential opportunity exists to exploit beta-glucan products in a health and nutrition platform. This study focussed on a concentrated (>50%) oat beta-glucan product and asked what the price needs to be in order to sell enough to make it a worthwhile business?

It was therefore necessary to determine the the price elasticity of beta-glucan. This was done by calculating how much >50% beta-glucan product the customer buy would if it were sold at $10/kg and conversely, how much would a customer be willing to pay to put >50% beta-glucan into its products?

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The contents of the study included:




Principal Findings

  • The Market for Heart Health Foods and Related Sectors
    • Global Markets
    • European Markets
    • UK Markets
    • US Markets
  • Price Elasticity
    • How Much Premium Would Consumers Pay for a Health Claim?
    • What Would Happen if the Price of Beta-glucan Decreased?
    • What Price is Acceptable?
    • Health Claims and Regulatory Issues
  • Companies
    • Beta-glucan Companies
    • Other Health Ingredient Companies
    • Food Manufacturers
    • Distributors


  • Market Volumes and Values
  • Potential UK Market
  • Potential US Market
  • Potential Global Market

General Conclusions

Answers to Questions


  • Introduction
  • Statistics

Pricing a Health Claim

  • Positioning
  • GM Foods
  • Environmental Farming Practices
  • Associations with Good Causes
  • Health Claims

Influence of Geographic Market

Pricing Analysis for 50% Beta-glucan Concentrate

  • Methodology
  • Results
    • UK Supermarket Data
    • US Supermarket Data

Beta-glucan Players and Products

  • Players
  • Products
  • Example Product: Pro-Fit Vitaal Bread with Beta-Glucan
    • Product and Claims
    • Consumer Report
    • Packaging of Vitaal Breads

Labelling Regulations

  • JHCI Health Claims (UK)
  • US Health Claims
  • Foshu Health Claims

Plant Sterols / Stanols

  • Raisio’s Business Model
  • Products
  • Price Comparisons
  • 3 Ingredients Lists for Plant Sterol / Stanol Products:

Contact Reports Beta-Glucan

  • 12 Ingredients Manufacturers
  • 8 Distributors
  • 14 End Users
  • Retailers

2 Others

Contact Reports Plant Sterols and Stanols

  • 7 Ingredients Manufacturers
  • 3 End Users

15 Recent Patents

27 News Items


  • Appendix 1: Specifications of X’s Barley Betafiber
  • Appendix 2: New Developments in Healthy Foods From Cereals
  • Appendix 3: Ceapro Business Plan
  • Appendix 4: Who Statistics on Blood Cholestrol
  • Appendix 5: The Forgotten 50 – a Report by Heart UK
  • Appendix 6: Cholesterol Ingredient Questionnaire
  • Appendix 7: Conjoint Analysis Questions
  • Appendix 8: UK Supermarket Data
  • Appendix 9: US Supermarket Data

32 Tables

42 Figures

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