In this case study, an international sugar company engaged CPL Business Consultants to conduct part of the due diligence on a potential sweetener company acquisition. 

CPL carried out a series of studies which reviewed a company and also looked at its performance in the high-intensity sweetener business with a view to acquisition by the client.

The reason for the ongoing interest was that it was important for sugar companies to develop an overall ‘sweetener strategy’, which includes high-intensity sweeteners, not to lose revenues from the erosion of sucrose sales and to benefit from new markets available only to them.

High-intensity sweeteners not only had the potential to erode the sucrose market but also generate large additional markets. This potential was due to their relatively low prices based on sugar equivalence, a wider variety of high-intensity sweeteners and a greater range of functional properties.

CPL interviewed people knowledgeable about the high-intensity sweetener industry and the target company, for example, senior industry experts and HIS customers.

Sweetener Company Acquisition

Executive Summary

  • Objectives and Methods
  • Conclusions and Recommendations


  • Sweetener Company Acquisition Rationale


  • Products
  • Blends
  • Quality

Sweetener Markets

  • Sales
  • Volume
  • Value

Customer Views

  • Reputation
  • Competition

Manufacturing High-Intensity Sweeteners

Personnel and Infrastructure

R&D and Product Development

  • Intellectual Property
  • Patents and Know how

Competitive Landscape

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