Dr Ray Quinlan worked with CPL Business Consultants since the 1980s. His key expertise is in agricultural biotechnology and biopesticides.

Dr Ray Quinlan has been associated with CPL Business Consultants since the 1980s. He has led or participated in numerous consultancy projects and multi-client studies. Ray’s key experience is in agricultural biotechnology, most notably in the use of microorganisms for pest and disease control. He has, for example, been the lead author in the CPL Biopesticides Study for a number of years.  Ray also has numerous other publications to his name.

Dr Ray Quinlan formerly managed biotechnology projects for a city investment company.  Also, he was Head of Product Development at Microbial Resources and Tate & Lyle. Ray has a degree in Applied Zoology from the University of Reading and PhD from the University of Wales in tropical insect pests. He has also been involved in research on pest control baits and on tsetse fly control.