Campden BRI Day, Chipping Campden, TBC 2024

Explore how science and technology are used to tackle food and beverage industry needs at Campden BRI day. This long-established event is a well-attended networking opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers in the UK and beyond.

You can network with industry peers, view around 40 scientific and technical exhibits and attend briefings.  Also, take the pilot plant tour and hear the annual Campden Lecture. Notably, Katherine Smart of Diageo delivered the 2021 Campden Lecture – Building a Sustainable Legacy.

Unfortunately, Campden BRI recently suspended the live event due to the COVID pandemic. Due to this, in 2021, Campden BRI rebranded the event as Campden BRI Connect and held it online over a period of three days. The event has not returned yet, although the organisation regularly hosts a number of specialist online meetings.

Topics for the 2021 event included:

  • The challenges and opportunities brought about by the UK’s exit from the EU
  • Food systems thinking – a new paradigm
  • Innovation in the COVID / post-COVID era
  • Food safety: core issues and emerging threats
  • Outlining the feedback from our extensive member consultation and how we responded
  • Consumer insights : new tools to understand the consumer

CPL Business Consultants plans to attend the event this year, if it goes ahead. However, the organisers have not yet announced dates for 2024.