What Makes CPL Different


  • A reputation for “Telling clients what they need to know rather than what they would like to hear”
  • More than 30 years researching and analysing worldwide markets, with a focus on Europe and North America; topics range from market dynamics to business planning to acquisition targeting
  • Exceptional knowledge and contacts in clients’ target markets – food, dietary supplements, animal feed and pet food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • The people you meet are the people who do the work – we are educated up to PhD level with around 200 years of combined commercial experience
  • Realistic commercial guidance obtained from the synergy of business experience and a deep understanding of the science and technology involved
  • In-house business development tools applicable to strategic analysis and planning
  • A cosmopolitan and multicultural team, fluent in several languages, who understand both local cultural nuances and the differences in business style
  • 70% of our work is commissioned by previous clients; our clients are medium to large sized, reputable companies in a variety of business sectors



  • Actionable business recommendations tailored to clients’ specific needs
  • Sound expert advice that is impartial, unbiased and cost effective
  • Transparent methodology, incisive and informed analysis, comprehensive executive summary and detailed contact reports
  • Reports and advice that allow you to make informed strategic decisions, in order to save money, avoid pitfalls and focus resources
  • Interactive business analytical tools developed by CPL for our clients’ use

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