Dr Robert Harwood, Managing Director of CPL Business Consultants, facilitated a session at Nutrition Integrates 2014, “Working together for a healthier Europe”. Nutrition Integrates brought together key stakeholders from the nutrition, health and wellness industries, science and academia.  The conference facilitated strategic debate and enhanced working relationships. Europe faced many challenges, including economic recession, regulatory pressure and combating unhealthy lifestyles. Public health costs had soared. The need for preventative measures to promote healthier and more active lifestyles was paramount due to an increase in non-communicable diseases. There was a requirement for EU regulations to promote fair trade and simultaneously encourage product innovation.  Regulations were needed to protect consumers and allow them to make informed choices regarding their diet. Consequently, the conference involved several high-profile experts in the industry specialising in nutrition, health and wellness who were therefore well qualified to discuss and debate these issues. Nutrition Integrates addressed many of these critical issues and delivered:
  • Unique panel discussion format ensuring the ultimate interactive experience.
  • Blockbuster topics that straddled a complementary profile of industry stakeholders.
  • Strategically led content dedicated to senior-level strategists.
Dr Harwood’s session was titled ‘Delivering Tasty Products with Health Benefits: Formulating For Success’. The session covered the following themes and topics:
  • The value of health claims: time and money well spent?
  • Beyond flavouring: flavour solutions for nutritional performance
  • Low fat, low sugar, low taste: can healthy foods provide the indulgence factor?
Other panellists at Nutrition Integrates included Claire Hughes, Head of Nutrition and Science, Marks & Spencer; Martin Foltz, R&D Team Leader and Senior Scientist, Unilever and Bryan Hanley, President-Elect, Industry and Technology Council, Royal Society of Chemistry & Manager, Knowledge Transfer Network.