AU02 Voice of Customer Survey of Natural Extracts and Preservatives Company

Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. Eight case studies can also be reviewed.


The objective of this study was to assist the client with commercial due diligence relating to a target company operating in the field of natural preservative ingredients.


    The main contents of the study were based on sources including in-house databases and an extensive network of contacts in addition to publicly available information (e.g. data from government agencies, patents, scientific journals, trade press, internet etc.). Additional information was sought from other key resources within the industries concerned in sufficient depth to provide accurate analysis and guidance.
    CPL used its extensive network of contacts, (including the CPL Executive Search network), to elicit information that would be difficult or impossible for clients to obtain independently Interviews were conducted with those knowledgeable in the industry, both face-to-face and telephone conversations. Contacts were also made at trade-shows.
    The report consists of two parts, the summary report and the reference report, to provide the essence of CPL’s findings along with our recommendations, followed by detailed data sources and analysis.

Table of Contents

    Executive Summary


    Answers to Client’s Questions

      Current Use of Natural Preservatives
      General Comments
        Market Growth and Volumes
      Primary Natural Ingredients Used In ‘Curing’ or ‘Preserving’ Meats
        Antimicrobial Ingredients
        Other Complementary Natural Ingredients and Systems
        Method of Purchase: Single Ingredients Vs Systems
        Volumes Used in the Meat Industry
      Factors Affecting the Future Use of Natural Preservatives
        Potential Market Growth and Future Product Launches
      Influence of Press Reporting
      Opinions on Quality of Products Currently Available
        Companies Searching For Value in A Supplier
        Supplier Offerings in Natural Preservation
        Switching Of Suppliers
        Unmet Needs within Supplier Provision

    14 Contact Reports

    5 News Articles

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