AZ01 The Market for Brewer’s and Grain Distiller’s Dried Yeast

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The purpose of this market study was to assist our client to better understand the market for brewer‘s dried yeast and grain distillers dried yeast.

The client produced dried yeast as a by-product from its ethanol business and wanted additional information about the market, global size (but with a focus on the US), value, prices, how these yeasts are used, which products it competes against (can customers switch away from yeast if the price rises), and what IP exists that allows value to be added (e.g. as pre-mixes or similar to add flavour and allow salt reduction).

The objective was to understand the market dynamics of the dried yeast business, so that our client could better plan the development and further exploitation of its in-house dried yeast product.


CPL identified 297 fuel ethanol plants either presently producing or about to come on-stream. Of these, 208 were in the United States and Canada, 84 were in Europe and 5 were in China.

During the course of this study, ~70 direct contacts were made with individuals in companies participating in the yeast business including producers, traders and users. In addition, through a fairly extensive use of professional networking groups, additional contacts were made with around 30 producers of products related or similar to Grain Distillers Dried Yeast (GDDY), end-users including animal nutrition specialists and with North American traders.

We contacted yeast traders and producers of other by-product yeast from outside the US bioethanol co-products industry either directly or through networking groups. We prioritized the major bioethanol-producing countries including Brazil, India, Germany and the UK.

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Table of Contents

Principal findings

    Price and value


Yeast and bioethanol co-product definitions

    Grain distillers dried yeast – GDDY
    Non-grain derived dried yeast by-products from wines and alcohol distilleries
    Yeast culture

Linkage of GDDY supply to global bioethanol market

    Brazil and India (CSDDY)
    USA and China

Product history
GDDY sales – US domestic and global
Price and value

    End user demand drivers for GDDY
    Historical pricing
    Value proposition to the customer for using the product

External dynamics – risks assessment

    Modelling of GDDY related production volumes
    8 GDDY-related producers
    7 sugar cane distillers dried yeast SCDDY producers & processors
    10 dried brewery yeast producers and processors
    Active dried yeasts (direct fed microbials) for animal nutrition
    8 suppliers

Product substitution

    14 yeast products somewhat similar to GDDY
    5 special purpose yeast products
    Vegetable proteins

Overview of 8 major brewery yeast players
Contact reports

    18 producers of inactive yeast related products
    13 potential end users
    7 suppliers and traders


    9 patents and 12 technology innovations


    12 general news articles
    4 DDGS & added value processing articles
    8 yeast and its co-products in animal feed articles
    3 biodiesel and other competing product substrates articles
    5 fermentation end product butanol as alternative to ethanol articles
    9 technology innovations relating to bioethanol production
    18 2nd generation bioethanol articles



    4 Tables


    2 Figures

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