L0017 Success Factors in Biopesticides

The purpose of this review is to discuss and itemise the factors that can contribute to the success or failure of a company in biopesticides. Under each heading, there is a discussion of the issues and problems in that section. This is followed by one or more ‘success factors’ with a short statement of what a company should be doing to optimise its chances of success.

Definition of success: Success means making and selling products and making a profit in the biopesticides business. The quantity of success is defined by the amount of sales and profit.

Objectives of the Company


  • Venture Capital
    • Building Grand Facilities 
    • Emphasis on Creation of Intellectual Property 
    • Publicity 
    • Wheeling and Dealing 
    • Becoming Cost-Efficient 
    • Summary
  • Corporate Funding 
  • The Sufficiency of Money

Technical Issues 

  • Strains of Micro-Organisms 
  • Biologically Active Compounds 
  • Maintaining a Biopesticide 
  • Fermentation 
  • Post-Fermentation
    • Formulation
    • Delivery 
    • Assay

Success in Production


Marketing and Sales

  • Value (Selling Price) of a Biopesticide
  • Accessible Markets and Marketing Focus 
  • Distribution and Sales 
  • Internal Integration


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