AW09 Soy Protein Animal Feed Market


The objective of this study was to provide support for a client in its due diligence of an added-value soy protein ingredients company serving the animal feed sector.

CPL provided an assessment of the target company’s products, IP, the competitive environment, risks of substitution and other risks to the business. We also reviewed the company’s trials and marketing data and made suggestions of new product applications and new markets it could target.

CPL’s client subsequently made an investment in the company.


Our research was carried out using in-house databases and external sources, including patent databases, industry reports and statistics and interviews with customers and competitors.

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Table of contents

Assessment of Company’s Products

    Product Specifications
    Product Comparisons: Marketing and Research Trials
    Comparison of Competitor’s Marketing Literature

      Company’s Products Vs. Other Soy Protein Concentrates (SPCs)

    Production Process
    IP Portfolio Review
    Competitor Patents
    Potential Opportunities for X

      New Applications
      New Geographies
      Marketing and Branding
      Value-Added Benefits
      New products

Overview of the Competitive Landscape

    Animal Feed
    Overview of Animal Production by Species

      Pig Production
      Pet Food

    Potential Market Size Calculations and CAGR

      Pig Market
      Poultry Meat Market
      Cattle Market
      Aquaculture Markets
      Petfood Market

    Market Trends

      Broiler Meat
      Beef and Veal

    Production Indices

      European Broiler Index
      Feed Conversion Ratio
      USA Whole Herd Feed Conversion Ratio

    Players and Products

      Soy-based Products
      Soy Protein Concentrate Competitive Environment
      Legume-Based Protein Concentrates
      Dairy-Based Protein Concentrates
      Oilseed Protein Concentrates
      Cereal Protein Concentrates (Corn)
      Potato Protein Concentrate
      Animal Protein Products

Substitution Risk

    Competing Raw Materials

      Vegetable Proteins
      Whey Proteins
      Plasma Protein
      Effect of Raw Material Cost Variations

Risks and Opportunities for Company’s Business

    Juvenile Feeds
    Impact of New Genotypes in Production Stock
    Ingredient Substitution
    Eubiotics and Implications for Gut Health/Nutrition
    Feed Antibiotic Regulatory Change
    Emerging Markets
    US Regulatory Environment

      Summary of Situation
      Current Situation of Regulatory Approvals in the US
      Phasing out of Antimicrobials as Growth Promoters
      Current Situation Regarding Protein Sourcing in Europe

Contact Reports

    18 Contacts


    39 Items


      Patent Applications Relating to Soy Products and Processes
      Patent Applications Relating to Other Vegetable Products and Processes
      Patent Applications Relating to Animal Products and Processes

113 Tables
60 Figures

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