For Regulatory Specialists

You may be planning to launch or develop products that require approval from governments in respect of their safety and / or label claims.

You may need information on the regulations relevant to you potential product or you may need some practical advice on what your regulatory priorities should be. While CPL Business Consultants is not a regulatory consultancy, our reports often outline the relevant legislative framework around the market and health claims that can be made.

CPL understands the regulations governing ingredients for food, infant formulae, dietary supplements and cosmetics. We can also give advice on the markets with the most favourable regulatory environments.

Through its unmatched network CPL can help clients find suitable partners to conduct clinical trials, to prepare regulatory dossiers and patent applications.

CPL has helped regulatory affairs specialists by providing scientific and market information in support of dossiers (e.g. evidence of previous use for an ethics committee).

Some examples of projects which include regulatory outlines and strategy are shown below:


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