J0209 Rare Sugars and Fine Chemicals – Acquisition Candidates

The objective of this project was firstly to describe the fine chemicals sector and in particular, the carbohydrate chemicals sector within fine chemicals; and secondly to identify companies that might be acquisition candidates within the carbohydrate fine chemicals business.

One possible route for the client to grow more rapidly and with less exposure to the risk of failure of novel drugs would be to acquire a company with a range of products and customers that were complementary to those of the client.

Data was obtained from both public and private sources supplemented by direct contacts with a number of the companies and knowledgeable individuals within each sector. The sectors were examined for their size in volume and value terms, their division by product, technology, target sector or geography, as well as for the trends within each sector and sub sector. A variety of estimates were obtained, for which part of the explanation was in the somewhat confusing and arbitrary nomenclature within the chemicals industry. Rarely do two observers use the same term for the same thing.

Following this, a number of companies in the carbohydrate chemicals business were identified and a preliminary evaluation was carried out by a non-parametric method.

The Contents of the study included:

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Principal Findings

  1. Chemicals
  2. Fine Chemicals
  3. Fine Chemical Carbohydrates
  4. Companies in the Carbohydrate Chemical Business


  1. Fine Chemicals
  2. Carbohydrate Fine Chemicals
  3. The Target
  4. Advantages 


Chemical Market Characterisation

  1. Overview
  2. Market Size And Trends
  3. Market Drivers
  4. Market End Users
  5. Market Sub Sectors
  6. Market Players

Fine Chemical Market Characterisation

  1. Overview
  2. Definition
  3. Market Size and Trends
  4. Market Drivers
  5. Market End Users
  6. Market Sub Sectors
  7. 16 Market Players

Carbohydrate Companies Market Characterisation

  1. Overview
  2. Market Size and Trends
  3. Market Drivers
  4. Market Sub Sectors
  5. 43 Market Players & Contact Reports

Fine Chemicals in the Sugar / Starch industry


  1. Table 1 Chemical Sectors – Part 1
  2. Table 2 Chemical Sectors – Part 2
  3. Table 3 Global Top-10 by Chemical Sales 1999
  4. Table 4 Fine Chemical Market by Activity
  5. Table 5 Biotechnology Contract Manufacturing Market
  6. Table 6 Segmentation of Global Biotechnology
  7. Table 7 Capacities in Biotechnology Custom Manufacturing (Litres)
  8. Table 8 Top 10 Fine Chemical Companies – Part 1
  9. Table 9 Top 10 Fine Chemical Companies – Part 2
  10. Table 10 Ranking European Fine Chemical Players
  11. Table 11 Company Sub Sectors
  12. Table 12 Carbohydrate Companies
  13. Table 13 Consolidated Balance Sheet (in Thousands of $)
  14. Table 14 the Four Largest Shareholders As of June, 30 2000
  15. Table 15 Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets (in Thousands of $)


  1. Figure 1 Non Parametric Analysis of Candidates
  2. Figure 2 Attractiveness Vs Value of Potential Acquisition
  3. Figure 3 the Top 15 Companies
  4. Figure 4 Overview of the Chemical industry
  5. Figure 5 % Market Share Oo Chemical Companies Divided Geographically
  6. Figure 6 Customers of Chemical Products oy industry
  7. Figure 7 the Chemical industry by End User
  8. Figure 8 Market Share of Top 10 Players in the Chemical Market
  9. Figure 9 Fine Chemicals Breakdown by Target Sectors
  10. Figure 10 Breakdown of Fine Chemicals by Type:
  11. Figure 11 Global Fine Chemical Market by Activity 2001
  12. Figure 12 End Users of Carbohydrate Fine Chemicals
  13. Figure 13 Geographical Representation of Carbohydrate Companies
  14. Figure 14 Sub Sectors in the Carbohydrate Business
  15. Figure 15 Products offered by Carbohydrate Companies
  16. Figure 16 Overlap Between Carbogen And Amcis
  17. Figure 17 Carbogens Services
  18. Figure 18 Carbogens Positioning in Clinical Trials

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