C0829 Botanicals, Probiotics and Prebiotics in Animal Feed

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CPL reported on probiotics and plant extracts used in animal feed. Our client, a European feed additives company, was considering expanding its portfolio and sought technical information on probiotics and plant extracts, two of the most rapidly growing additive types. CPL also analysed the markets for the two product types, key players, their products and how the products are positioned.

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Table of Contents

Principal Findings

    Plant Extracts


    Plant Extracts


  • Introduction
  • Benefits in Use
  • Synbiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Commercial prebiotics
  • Side effects
  • Effective dose
  • In use
  • Product positioning
  • Players and Products

Plant Extracts

    Players and Products

Recent Research and IP

    Plant extracts

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  • 32 Figures

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