L0020 Marketing Plan for Artificial Insemination Business

CPL’s client had acquired an established company that producing, selling and providing an artificial insemination service for the dairy industry. Profitability had declined and following the acquisition the company had to become profitable, and CPL was engaged to develop a marketing plan.

The project involved collaboration with the company to develop a marketing plan.

Issues included understanding the dynamics of the market through market characterisation and analysis, semen value to the customer, the company’s relationship with its sales agents, brand values and the opportunity for a re-launch.

When completed, the plan detailed in a timetable a series of specific actions in respect of human resourcing, market approach, franchising out some of the company’s services, modernising the sales approach including e-commerce and reducing overheads.

Contents included the following:

Summary of Marketing Plan
Mission Statement
Strategy, Objectives & Tactics
Action Plan
SWOT Analysis of the Company

    Market Share
    Segments Addressed

Market Overview

    Artificial Insemination Market Segmentation
    The Purchase Decision

Market Characterisation

    Economics of Milk production
    Number and Distribution of Cows
    Number and Geographic Distribution of Farms

Sales Forecasts and Cost Budgets
Contact Reports

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