P9712 Pectin

The objective of this study was to provide information to the client on the market for pectin and companies operating within the pectin market. Volumes and prices of various hydrocolloids were included. The pectin business is generally described by participants as extremely competitive. This may be because a substantial portion of the pectin sold is used in jams and preserves, relatively low-value and highly price sensitive commodities. However, other sectors of the pectin business either are or have potential to be speciality businesses, with pectins from different sources and subjected to different treatments being tailored to specific functions. Pectin may also be used in combination with gums such as locust bean gum to obtain additional functionalities. Recommendations were made to the client on the commercial potential of possible acquisitions within the sector. The content of the study included:

Polymer prices
Performance of some companies
Hydrocolloids manufactured, processed or traded by hydrocolloid companies
Contact reports
Background on Pectin
Acquisition Recommendations

Acquisitions : Food : Food ingredients : Hydrocolloids : Jam : Locust bean gum : Market assessment : Pectin : Preserves

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