B0907 Opportunities for Omega-3 Products

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Objective and Background

The objective of this study was to assist in planning the development of improved, novel and patented products based on fish oil.

Products containing omega fatty acids have been seen favourably by consumers for many years and more recently have received a considerable amount of very positive press coverage. A number of these ingredients are derived from fish oils and have limitations in terms of their use in food due to fishy odour.


In this study, we obtained very large volumes of data from public and private sources. A number of published studies were accessed, as were a number of private-client studies. We were able to obtain cooperation from seven companies in this sector that are former CPL clients.

Information was sought on the market dynamics of omega 3 products, particularly focusing the sectors of nutritional and functional food ingredients and dietary supplements.

Approximately 97 companies were contacted and contact reports were obtained from ~75 of these. In all CPL spoke to >100 people, who were asked about all the attributes of their fish oil products, including purity, taste and physiological side effects, as well as about the importance of certifications including GMP, kosher and halal.

Wherever it was possible we asked for numbers about volumes and values, prices and specifications, production and factories. We have analysed all the d obtained and present both the data and the analysis.

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Table of Contents

Objective and Background
Client’s Questions

    Developing a market entry strategy
    Product pricing and the marketing approach
    Key Success Factors
    Barriers to Entry
    Potential partners
    Plant capacity

Principal Findings and Conclusions

    Dietary Supplements

      Omega-3 supplements

    Functional foods

      Raw materials
      Omega-3 pharmaceuticals
      Future prospects

    Alternative products


    Market estimates
    Rapid market growth
    Market data sources
    Market drivers

      Growth promoters
      Growth inhibitors


      Prices obtained from contacts
      Prices by product type

Overview of Contacts’ Opinions


      Market CAGR
      Market Drivers and Constraints
      Market Trends
      New Formats

    Players and Products

      Omega-3 Companies
      End Users

    Barriers to Entry
    Key Factors for Success

      Key factors for success in food



    Client’s Claims



    Complete manufacturers’ product listing
    Company summaries
    Major global fish oil refiners

      29 companies

    Manufacturers’ B2B marketing claims

      Claims about product qualities and processing skills
      Claims about accreditation, certification, health and safety

    Production Facilities

Dietary Supplements

    Dietary Supplements – Overview

      Product Categories
      Product and Brand Differentiation
      Market Drivers
      Success Factors
      Barriers to Entry
      Overview of the Global Omega-3 Dietary Supplements Market
      Benefits of Omega-3 Supplements
      Origin of Fish Oils
      The supplements supply chain

    US – Omega-3 Supplements

      12 products

    Europe and ROW – Omega-3 Supplements

      12 products

    Current product claims & client’s products

      Product claims compared to client’s product properties

Functional Foods

    Functional Foods – Overview

      Consumer need for omega-3 food products
      Omega-3 functional food categories
      Benefits of omega-3 functional foods
      Success factors
      Market presence

    Functional Food Product Launches
    Examples of Functional Food Retail Products

      32 products


    Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
    Omega Fatty Acids

      Players & Products
      IP & Clinical Trials

    Companies with an interest in O3s as drugs

      4 companies

    Companies considering generic versions of omega 3 drugs

      3 companies

    O3s as prenatal drugs

      1 company

    Non-prescription, high end dietary supplements

      4 companies

    Pharmaceutical Patents
    Clinical Trials for EPA and DHA
    News, Scientific Papers and Presentations

      19 articles

Overview of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

    Market Trends
    The Drug Development Process

      Cost of developing a new medicine
      Drug development and the conduct of medical research
      Clinical trials
      Success rates in Drug Development
      The promotion of drugs
      Market Penetration for New Drugs

    Intellectual Property Protection

      Procedures for Drug Approval


      13 companies

    The Pharmaceutical Industry by Region

      The US Pharmaceutical Industry
      The European Pharmaceutical Industry
      US vs. Europe – Competitive Comparison
      The Pharmaceutical Industry in the ROW

Alternative Competing Products

    Algae Omega-3 Product Manufacturers

      3 companies

    Two enhanced flax oil producers

      2 companies

    Krill oil

      Key trends and developments
      Competitive Factors
      4 companies

Regulatory – Nutrition Claims, Hygiene

    UK Regulations 2009

      Food Standards Agency
      Novel foods
      Nutrition and health claims
      Nutrition claims
      Health claims
      Food law enforcement

    Regulations (EC) no 1924/2006 on Nutrition and Health Claims Made on Foods

      Article 13 Nutrition and Health Claims
      Article 13 Overview of Deadlines
      Criteria for Screening of Article 13 Health Claims
      Article 14 Disease risk claims
      Health claims deadline will not be met – 10 March 2009

    Review of Article 14 Claims

      I omega kids®/Pufan 3 kids® and calming
      SI omega kids®/Pufan 3 kids® and serenity
      I omega kids®/Pufan 3 kids® and vision
      I omega kids®/Pufan 3 kids® and concentration
      I omega kids®/Pufan 3 kids® and mental development

    Article 14 Infant Health Claims

      EFSA on omega-3 claims: yes to eye health, no to brain – 2009
      EFSA opinion on DHA and ARA and visual development – 2009
      EFSA opinion on Enfamil® Premium and brain development

    2005 Opinion on Nutrition Claims for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

      Omega-3 fatty acids claims
      Monounsaturated fat claim
      Polyunsaturated fat claim
      Unsaturated fat claim

    Hygiene Regulations 2004 Annex III – Fishery Products

      Chapter I: Official Controls of Production and Placing on the Market
      Chapter II: Official Controls of Fishery Products
      Chapter III: Decisions after Controls
      Postponement of hygiene regulations to 30 April 2009

    EU Working Group on Fisheries And Aquaculture 2007
    US Dietary Supplement Regulations
    ONC Regulatory Approvals

      United States
      Fish Oils and Capsules in Canada
      European Union, Asia, Australia, South America

Contact Reports

    Primary Producers (Crude Oil Extractors)

      Company X

    Secondary Processors (Refined Oil Producers)

      24 companies

    Tertiary Processors (Encapsulators and Microencapsulators)

      9 companies

    Distributors / Resellers

      8 companies


      2 companies

    Food Company End Users

      14 companies

    Supplement Company (Brand Holder) End Users

      2 companies

    Pharmaceutical Company End Users

      2 companies

    Food Product Development Services

      4 companies

    Equipment Manufacturers

      Company Y


      11 companies

Additional Contacts for Reference


      11 companies

    End Users

      7 companies



      Health Benefits
      Markets and Products
      Labelling, Safety and Regulations

    Recent News Articles

      80 articles

69 Tables
19 Figures

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