D0705 Food, Consumers and the Environment

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The objective of this project was to determine the value to consumers of environmental labelling of food products.

A questionnaire was compiled in order to assess consumer views on environmental issues relating to food production, to examine consumer recognition and understanding of logos, and their willingness to purchase food with logos. As there is often a difference between consumer’s stated and revealed preferences, one question asked consumers to choose between ‘real’ food products with different prices and labels indicating a difference in environmental impact of those products.

Three questionnaires were produced, one with logos found on products in the UK, one with logos found in Sweden and one with logos from France. The Swedish and French questionnaires also contained some EU food logos to assess consumer recognition of these.

Details of the schemes behind the logos have been investigated, as have schemes currently operated by UK supermarkets. Representatives of the schemes, certification bodies and supermarkets were contacted for further information.

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Table of Contents

Principal Findings

    Findings from Questionnaires

      Environmental & Welfare Issues
      Food Choice Issues
      Revealed Food Choices
      UK Logos
      Swedish Logos

    Current UK Food Schemes
    Current Swedish Schemes

What Next
Current Food Schemes

    15 UK Food Labelling Schemes
    EU Logos
    7 Swedish Food Labelling Schemes
    4 Belgian Food Labelling Schemes
    Supermarket Schemes
    Marks and Spencer
    3 Certification Bodies
    8 Other Relevant Organisations

Results from Questionnaires

    Questions about the Environment
    Questions about Food Choice Issues
    Product Choices


Contact Reports

    8 Labelling Schemes
    3 Certification Bodies
    4 Supermarkets
    9 Producers
    3 Overseas Contacts
    Other Findings from IFE 07

11 News and Articles
Appendices on a CD Accompanying the Report

    Appendix 1 – Questionnaires and Results
    Appendix 2 – Scheme Application Forms and Processes
    Appendix 3 – Certification Bodies’ Accounts
    Appendix 4 – Reports and Studies


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12 Figures

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