B0909 Exploitation of Beta Glucan

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The objective of this project was to assist our client in planning how best to exploit the beta-glucan it produced. The project was to provide an overview of the sector and as well as advice.


The sector into which beta-glucan fits is the heart health, cholesterol reduction and gut health sectors for food ingredients and supplements. In each of these segments, oats, oat bran and oat products have been known for many years as being ‘healthy’.

For this project, CPL looked almost exclusively at the dry products sectors – bread, cereals, pasta, snacks and other baked products. However, we also included yoghurt mixtures.

CPL has developed a general cost-elasticity model which was used to model the pricing and addition of ‘healthy’ ingredients. This model used the ‘effective dose’ per person per day of the ingredient that either allows a health claim, or is known to be effective. The model used a broad cross section of prices of products from the UK and USA to assess cost elasticity. A survey of currently published news information on beta-glucan products was also assembled and summarised.

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Table of Contents

Background and Method
Principal Findings and Conclusions

    Results from Cost Elasticity Model
    Findings from Contact Reports

Recommendations and Options
Beta-Glucan Players

    23 Companies

Contact Reports


      9 companies


      21 companies

    End Users

      24 companies


      1 company


      5 contacts

Price Elasticity Model for a 20% Beta-Glucan Product

    Results for the UK Data
    Results for the USA Data
    Health Claims


Extracts from 2008 Prebiotics Report


      Market prospects for Beta-glucan
      Manufacturers and Regulatory Claims
      Regulatory Approval in Other Global Regions
      Novel Foods Approval
      Testing Service for Beta-glucan

Current News Summary

    Market Data and CAGR
    Health Trends
    Health Claims and Laws Governing Them
    Barley as a Source of Beta-Glucan
    Novel Applications
    New and Competitive Products

Latest News

      31 articles

    From 2005 Report

      21 articles

    From 2003 Report

      13 articles

17 Tables

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