L0011 Drivers in the Crop Protection Industry

CPL provided its client with a guide to the crop protection industry, particularly biological products. We detailed the motivations of companies to invest in the biologicals space, and what underlies market growth, as well as factors restraining growth. On the technical side, we reported on the various improvements seen in the production and performance of biopesticides and challenges companies have faced in scaling up and replicating performance seen in the lab to the commercial scale.

Finally, we discussed the key success factors for the biological crop protection products, with respect to funding, operations, registration and marketing.

Development Drivers

    Financial aspects
    Technical aspects
    Commercial aspects

Key success factors and Internal Capabilities 

    Company Objectives
      Venture capital funding
      Corporate funding
      Sufficient money

    Technical issues 

      Strains of micro-organisms
      Biologically active compounds
      Maintaining a microbe
      Success in production

    Marketing and Sales

      The selling price of a biopesticide
      Accessible markets and marketing focus
      Distribution and sales
      Internal integration

    Differences from agrochemicals 

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