P9702 Citric Acid – Markets and Market Trends

The objective of the study was to provide information to a client about the market dynamic of citric acid to assist the company in determining its strategy with respect to the potential acquisition of the market leader in this field. Citric acid is a commonly used food acidulant the price of which was under pressure from low cost commodity producers.

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The contents of the study included:

Table of Contents

Principal findings
Introduction to Citric Acid
Uses and specifications
8 Companies

    Asian producers
    South Africa
    Other producers

World-wide production capacity
US domestic capacity
Technical aspects

    Metabolic, biochemical and chemical considerations
    Raw material production
    Raw material processing to fermentation/chemical substrates
    Conversion of raw materials to crude product
    Product separation and purification
    End products and technical aspects of use
    The technical requirements for food grade materials
    Citric acid

9 Contact reports

Going into fermentation

    The characteristics of the industry
    In manufacturing

      Technical competence
      Low cost raw materials
      Large scale

    To sell fermentation products

      World markets
      Favourable legislation

9 Figures

18 Tables

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