J0207 Chymosin 2002 Update

The objective of this study was to update previous chymosin reports focussing on specific information about patents due to expire, new patents and consideration of some issues relating to competition with the larger players and strategy to enter the chymosin market.

We contacted companies identified previously that could potentially produce GM chymosin. We briefly examined the changes in attitudes to GM and GM-derived ingredients and re-examined the commercial position of key players. We obtained a fairly definitive list of potential production partners worldwide and considered some of the questions related to toll fermentation.

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Table of Contents

Principal Findings
Description of Rennet and Coagulating Enzymes
Enzyme & Chymosin Markets

    5 Companies

Other Potential Production Partners
New Patents for Chymosin Production


Patents Expiring in the Next 5 Years for Chymosin Production

  • US
  • EU

Contact Reports

  • 3 contact reports

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