AZ04 Acquisitions in Speciality Ingredients

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Objective and Background

The objective of this project was to assist our client in the initial phase of finding suitable acquisition targets in food ingredients and ingredients for cosmetics and personal care.


Initially, a list was compiled of over 1000 companies operating in the food/nutraceutical and cosmetics/personal care ingredients markets; various sources were used including CPL’s in-house database, company directories and trade show exhibitors.

The list was reduced to ~300 companies by an outline review which assessed the suitability of these companies according to the criteria set out in the proposal to reject companies that were clearly not suitable.

A final list of ~40 companies was selected for non-parametric analysis (NPA), which ranked the companies according to criteria relating to how well the targets matched the client’s criteria.

This report was designed as the first phase in an acquisition effort; the study identified many companies and reduced their number to a manageable list, providing an overview of the companies on the shorter list.

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Table of Contents


    Creating and Shortening Lists of Companies
    Contacts Made
    Non-Parametric Analysis

Principal Findings and Recommendations
Companies Already Introduced to the Client

      5 companies

Company Profiles

    Priority Companies – Meet Soon

      10 companies

    Lower Priority Companies – Watch and Meet When Possible

      10 companies

Contact Reports

      22 companies

Additional Companies Profiled But Not Making the Short List

      20 companies

40 Tables

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