B0908 Partnering Opportunities for Biolubricants

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The objective of this project was to development information and potential customer contacts to enable our client to define the best market/product niches for its capabilities. The client was interested in entering the environmentally acceptable “green fluid” market and needed specific information to develop a business plan which will facilitate its entry into selected target market segments/products.

The scope of the project is mainly market opportunities in North America, but also other geographies if possible. The market opportunities that are sought are mainly ‘business-to-business’. The target market segments included esters for use in synthetic lubricants, hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids, bio-greases and other renewable resource-based functional fluids. An overview of the possibilities in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals was also considered.


The functional fluid (lubricant) industrial sector covers many different market segments, all of which are complex with respect to customer base, material technology and applications know-how. For that reason, this project was structured in two phases.

Phase one identified the various segments / sub-segments in functional fluids, defined limitations and success factors and recommends potential areas for a more detailed business analysis. Phase one allowed the narrowing of the work scope in Phase two to a few segments / sub-segments in which the client had the best potential fit and the best opportunities for success.

Phase two explored supply / demand considerations for the selected segments from Phase one and focused firmly on customers relevant to specific market segments for renewable resource-based functional fluids.

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Table of Contents

Scope and Structure
Principal Findings

    Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics


    Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Key Success Factors
Barriers to Entry
Lubricant Market Overview

    Global Market and CAGR
    North American Market

      United States

    Biolubricant Usage and Markets

      Crankcase Oils
      Transformer Fluids
      Elevator Hydraulic Fluids
      Other Hydraulic Fluids
      Metal Working Fluids
      2-Cycle Engine Oils
      Bar and Chain Oils
      Wire Rope Grease
      Railroad Lubricants

Regulations and Legislation – The Key Market Driver

    Federal Preferred Purchasing and Product Labelling

Lubricants Technology

    Lubricant Type/Function
    Lubricant Segmentation

      Process Oils
      Hydraulic Fluids
      Metal Working Fluids
      Other Lubricants


    12 Contacts

Market Data

      World Lubricant Demand by Product Volume
      World Manufacturing Lubricant Demand by Volume
      North American Lubricant Demand by Volume
      US Lubricant Demand by Volume
      Canadian Lubricant Demand by Volume
      Global functional fluid revenue projections 2010-2015

Phase 2 List of Target Companies
Overview of Cosmetic / Personal Care Chemicals

    Introduction Based on CPL Experience
    Structure of the Industry
    Key Success Factors
    Major Ingredient Producers
    Personal Care Chemical Products and Functions

      Emollients and Moisturizers


      Thickening Agents


      Single-Use Additives

    News – Cosmetic Suppliers Say Naturals Still Hot – May 2009

Overview of Pharmaceuticals

    Use of Mineral Oils
    Some Mineral Oil Companies

      7 companies

    Key Features of the Global Industry

      Central Nervous System
      Cardiovascular drugs
      The gastrointestinal/metabolism drugs

    Market Trends

      Aging Population
      Increase in R&D Spending
      Mergers and Acquisitions
      New Partnerships
      New Role for Drug makers

    The Drug Development Process

      11 companies

    The US Pharmaceutical Industry

      US vs. Europe – Competitive Comparison

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8 Figures

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