CPL Case Studies

ACQUISITION DUE DILIGENCE An international investment bank asked CPL to act as industry experts in the acquisition of a company in the agricultural (animal feeds) sector. We analysed the business plan projections of each product line for each business unit and compared them to market trends, market growth rates and competitor benchmarks. CPL was able to provide information which was used to sensitise the business plan projections. Outcome: “CPL’s insight and expertise enabled us to make the acquisition in a way that was both fair to the company and made good financial sense.”   MARKETING STRATEGY FOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER A European plant biotechnology company wanted to enter new markets with its proprietary technology. We produced a comprehensive report on the fermentation sector that identified opportunities and contained details of potential partners. We then helped the company develop an effective marketing strategy. Outcome: “Based on the recommendations of CPL we are now successfully developing partnerships in a new business sector.”   MARKET ANALYSIS AND PRODUCT STRATEGY A European food ingredient company had developed an ingredient with potential in the functional food market. We analysed the market for ingredients with similar properties; we found high barriers to entry and concluded that the cost of production needed to be lower to compete successfully. Outcome: “CPL has saved us money and time and allowed us to focus resources in areas of greater opportunity.”   TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS AND PRODUCT STRATEGY A dairy ingredient company planned to invest in a collaboration with a US biotechnology company to replace a common dairy ingredient. We reviewed the company and its technology, competing technologies and the market acceptability of the current and alternative products. We concluded that other approaches might be more fruitful for the client. Outcome: “CPL’s ability to understand complex technology and willingness to tell the unvarnished truth helped us make a prompt and cost-effective decision.”

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